Utah’s Leaders, Legislators, Toadies and Dupes … Goodfellas all!

Introducing the Most Shameful Epoch and  Administration in Utah State’s History.  The following Timeline is populated with Utah’s Leaders, Legislators, Toadies and Dupes … Goodfellas all!

The foregoing visual is a simple, static timeline from the 1970s to 2018 with nodes depicting events of the shameful, inappropriate, corrupt and unlawful conduct of many notable Utah persons during that period of time.  This timeline is static, but the original, shareable timeline is interactive in that the reviewer can click on each “node” and dive down into underlying documentation, videos, visuals and “working” notes.  Notice the dramatic “uptick” in frequency and amplitude of behaviors corresponding to Governor Herbert’s 2005 arrival on the scene.

The following visual is “static” but the original is active in readily shareable PDF format.  The abbreviated, Quasi Governmental entities like “UTA” and “USTAR” and others are individually “clickable.”  In the shareable PDF, the reviewer can drill down into documentation, videos, visuals and notes underlying it.  Many of the entities that are depicted will have attached or referenced Utah Legislative Auditor General’s reports that highlight shameful, inappropriate, corrupt and unlawful conduct that has existed with impunity and has never been adequately resolved by law.

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA), has justifiably gained its share of negative notoriety.  However, there are other quasi governmental entities wherein conduct is equally as or even significantly more egregious.  Eventually, we will expose and visualize what we know and believe about all of them.


Sleepless nights precede these postings.  In the first person “I” declare that the majority of Utah’s wonderful Leaders, Legislators and workers have willingly and endlessly sacrificed self in the service of others.  Unfortunately they are far too near the Goodfellas.  Tarnished indelibly yet unintendedly by The Ole’ Buzzard’s broad brush strokes … they … many of whom are friends and family … are twice time victims.  Their anxiety and anguish for having been too close to the fire to escape its heat is shared by me for I too have been where they now are.   As a “corpus” is often strengthened beyond its original form after having sacrificed an appendage to save its life, Utah’s body politic will be better served after repealing and removing our Goodfellas.

What follows may seem shamelessly self promoting.  However, I know of no other way to express to our readers that there is hope for change based on the use of time tested and proven strategies, tactics and tools that I have used successfully.

We face a heretofore  insurmountable array of expert social engineering, mass manipulative, psychological and propaganda machinations.  Utah’s Goodfellas have at their beck and call all the tools used by our military and law enforcement to control and manipulate at will. Utah’s Goodfellas also have unfettered influence, command and control of major media such as The Deseret News and its Pusillanimous Pup Utah Policy.  The only way that I can both raise the alarm, train to and hold hope for change is, in the first person, aggressively share with our followers subjectively what I have practiced and learned from the past.

Am I arrogant and obstinate in the face of the daunting challenges ahead?  YES … arrogance intended and arrogance indeed!  Not my style in early days, but at 82-years-old the best tack to take.  Do I intend purposeful and shameful self promotion? NO!  Please forgive if the following is viewed as such.

The FBI’s Command School of Advanced Criminology is the Springboard from which The Ole’ Buzzard has Launched his pursuit of Goodfellas since 1975.

In june 1975, the FBI selected law enforcement officers and FBI Agents from around the Nation to attend what the writer believes was a predecessor training program for future Profiling and Special Investigations professionals.  The writer was teamed with Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Lt. Ed. Henderson to attend the Command School. 

The School granted Graduate Credit toward the writer’s MSAJ … Master’s Degree in The Administration of Justice. 

Each student was required to bring a case history and the “tools” used to investigate his or her case of choice.  The writer’s choice was the Gerald Joseph DeNono organized crime matter that was actively under FBI investigation at the time.  The DeNono matter was so far flung and multifurcated that it was out of control.  Over the years, this case has touched Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, major crime families, Las Vegas gaming and corruption, The Teamsters Union, the Nixon administration and his Watergate gang.  The DeNono case survives even today as an active issue in Justice4All’s stable of Major Organized Crime matters to be published on The Ole’ Buzzard’s Blog.

The tools brought to the Command School by the writer were those that he and his partner Agent/Judge Phil Walter had applied to eventually control and manage the DeNono matter.  They were tools used by Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) Crime Analyst Gilbert Burgoyne.  Gil had analyzed the Robert Kennedy assassination and applied, at that time, innovative  management tools that he had brought to the LAPD from his profession as a U.S. Space Industry Organizational Management expert.   The tools Gil used and those that Phil and the writer learned and borrowed from him were at the time called Visual Investigative Analysis (VIA), Link Analysis or Socio Gramming, Gantt Charting (Timelines), Critical Path Method (CPM) and currently a host of other tools and techniques associated such as Word Clouds and extensive Hyperlinking data to data.  Phil and the writer were the first Agents to use and then introduce Gil’s tools to the FBI.  (Please see some appended samples of these tools.)

Please keep in mind the fact that all of our early work was accomplished “by hand.”  There were no computers or automation resources to help chart, graph and visualize the DeNono and other investigations.  Butcher Paper taped to the wall with pencil notations scrawled all over it displayed investigative results and displayed lead information and prognostications.  In that way and with those meagre means, the trajectory and flow of our investigations were unfolded visually.

Flash forward to today …

… the entire scope and landscape of Major Case Investigations and Visual Analytics has change with the advent of computers and automation.  Since leaving the FBI in 1976, the writer has applied visualization techniques to other major cases and/or “dabbled” extensively in order to keep track of those who would “Subvert the Rule of Law and Good Governance.”

The foregoing visuals and techniques are simplifications of the tools that exist currently, yet they are sufficient for use at Justice4All.   These visuals represent and have recorded decades of thinking, watching and waiting for the right moment(s) in time to share with others and encourage and train an effective cadre of agents for change who will fearlessly speak truth to power.

The Ole’ Buzzard’s basket of “Disruptively Innovative” tools will breath new life into a compromised, conflicted and ineffective investigative journalism.

These tools are designed and deployed to

    1. Operate lawfully within the structure of a non-profit entity that is not beholden to the whims of profit motives, political control and special interest interference.  We hear that the Salt Lake Tribune is moving toward this model online and may terminate their print publication.
    2. Re-publish pre-published works to re-enliven the institutional memories of shameful conduct from the past and re-credit the effective reportage of others.
    3. Deploy innovative process strategies, tools and tactics from investigative experience and resources acquired over the years.
    4. Utilize static visuals, lively animations, pertinent videos and recordings liberally.

The time is now to begin separating Utah’s Leaders, Legislators, Goodfellas, Dupes, and Toadies from their Blarney and Bullshit!

There are growing numbers of Utahns who seek to remove the inequitable, financial influence that special interests have over government … The Goodfellas On the Take.  There are growing numbers of Utahns who seek across the board term limits and seek to remove from office those Goodfellas who have served for self alone … seemingly serving “in perpetuity.”

Justice4All and The Ole’ Buzzard with tools, tactics and strategies in hand intends to stay in the “fray!”

Several, Sample Visuals

  • Word Cloud from this page’s posting.

  • Justice4All’s “False Flag” Link Analysis.  Each node is hyperlinked to underlying information.

  • Sample Organized Crime Gantt Planning Chart

“The Ole’ Buzzard”
“There are a thousand hacking
 at the branches of evil to one 
who is striking at the root.”
H.D. Thoreau
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