The Mother of all “Loosey Goosey” Awards goes to Utah Office Holders Reyes, Bramble, Adams, Wilson, Davis, Vickers, Gibson, Dunnigan, Ray, Stevenson and
Utah’s Lt. Governor Cox.

Top Takers

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The Ole’ Buzzard believes that being “On the Take” from Pharma, Tobacco and Energy Solutions at the above amounts is NOT accidental.  It’s careless, unconstrained, lackadaisical, and “Loosey Goosey” in the shameful extremes!

Where to go from here? Expose them one at a time … and … well …

… the next “Loosey Goosey” award goes to the Lt. Governor’s office.  We asked for backup documentation for Utah Office Holder expenditures, including invoices and receipts detailing expenditures claimed on disclosure records.  We were informed that such detail was not required of legislators; nor was it kept by the Lt. Governor’s office.  Based on patterns of behavior among the “Top10Takers,” we wonder how many of those claimed “Amounts” are for “Personal Use Expenditures“?

So, one by one and from time to time, we’ll be issuing individual “Loosey Goosey” challenges and awards to Office Holders and others who report poorly.  See the following American Express record taken from Senator Bramble’s 2018 Filed Reports.   The Lt. Governor and the Rules require more than the entry of “American Express.”  (See below for the Do’s and Don’ts) According to the Rules, there must be additional detail that follows each “Name.”  The Ole’ Buzzard believes that mere hand-posted “Purposes” in lieu of actual receipts is insufficient.  Documenting expenditures for business tax reporting purposes and for the IRS certainly requires verifiable detail. The Ole’ Buzzard wants more detail from Bramble.  The reader may download his record here: CSV Download of Filed Reports.

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[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”zz Utah Campaign Finance”]

Let’s all dance the “Loosey Goosey” with our Utah Legislators, the AG, the Lt. Governor and the Noolands.

Thank you “Noolands” !!!!

The Noolands responded to our request to use their work, “Hey Wayne, Thanks for the email, it was very funny and made our day. You are absolutely free to use the video in your article and we’re so happy to have you as a fan of our band! We hope you enjoy the music! Likewise, we would like to ask permission to share your message with our fans (just the message text, not your personal info). We think it’s so great! Hope all is well. Rock on!! – The Noolands” 

Permission to use the whole damn farm, the kitchen sink, me, my shorts, shirt, shoes and socks … granted!  What if … what if … what if … the Noolands’ fans took us viral in Canada?  That could prove interesting!  We’re already published there and a few more times would be delightful.

More to follow from …

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Edited by Daniel Newby

“The Ole’ Buzzard”

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