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It’s time … way past time … for an Ole’ Buzzard’s Roundup Pop Quiz!!!

“Bummer!  Is it really a quiz???  Aarrrrggghhh!  Sounds too much like school.” 🙁 

Not really.  Just a few easy questions, some of which have more than one correct answer.

Nobody fails, and there are prizes!  See after the quiz about how the winners can spend 2 hours with The Ole’ Buzzard.

Simple rules, simple answers, equal opportunities!

    1. Click on
    2. Search for the person or persons who best fit each animation below.  [There may be multiple persons who fit a single animation.  Feel free to creatively argue for a different answer than one we’ve presented.]
    3. Email the name of the animation and those who best fit it to Include your name and contact information.  You might just be a quiz winner.   Actually, everybody who participates is already a winner in one way or another.  We love our followers … even the Goodfellas.

The Quiz

1.  New to the Blog, we present “Freddy the Fetch It” award … Who’s done the most fetch’n for Opioid Orrin Hatch since he’s been back?

2. The Loosey Goosey award winners are?

3. The Cleaners award winners are?

4. The Lipstick on the Pig award winners are?

5.  The Blarney and Bull S**t award winners are?

6.  The Cowardly French Army award winners are?

7.  The Mad Mitt award winners are?

8.  The Feather your Nest with your Pants Down award winners are?

9.  The Smoke’em if you Got’em award winners are?.  Hint … at least 8 Office Holders who are or were LDS Bishops.

10.  The Stink’n up the State House award winners are?

11.  The Dumbass(es) award winners are?

12  The Pusillanimous Pup award winners are?

And here’s the kicker… Utah’s Goodfellas and the Top of the Top10Takers can participate, too!

Doubt they’ll play, though. They’d need gobs of dirty money to “spark” their interests first.

Reyes, Bramble, Adams, Wilson, Davis, Vickers, Gibson, Dunnigan, Ray, Stevenson.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”zzzTop-10-1″]

The ten individuals who can answer the questions best will receive a 2 hour, “One Over the World” first-hand account by The Ole’ Buzzard himself … of …

… the FBI’s Bank Robbery Squad in Los Angeles; Watergate; The most corrupt bank in the history of the World … BCCI; Bob Mueller; Bill Barr; Inslaw; Utah Power and Light; The Kidnapping of Newspaper Heiress Patty Hearst; The Laguna Niguel Bank Burglary; The Las Vegas Mafia Ledger; Mafia guy Gerald Joseph DeNono; Orrin Hatch and the $10MM loan he tried to scam out of BCCI; Another Criminal Attorney General John Mitchell and an FBI Wiretap; Mafia Don Carlos Marcello, FBI Agent Bill Roemer, Chicago Mafia Boss Sam Giancana, President Kennedy slept with Giancana’s girlfriend Judith Exner; Utah’s Goodfellas … or … what is a Goodfella?

We might even throw in some Karate’ “stuff” …

The Ole’ Buzzard recently in the Hombu (Dojo) in Hachioji, Japan.  He’s also known as “Grandfather Sensei” by his pals.

… or finally squeezing (almost) into a Korean Rough Terrain suit prior to a night airborne operation (planned night parachute jump into mountainous rough terrain)

… we’ll need more’n a month to tell all these tall tales … just kidding.

Ready for a couple of hours’ excitement and fun with The Ole’ Buzzard?  He’ll regale you with adventurous, mind bending tales, the likes of which you’ve never heard before.  Try fly’n through typhoons and sucking up Soviet Nuclear fallout in the upper atmosphere.  Or let’s add Richard Nixon’s name alongside the Mafia and Las Vegas interests in a secret ledger book.  How about a shootout with the Symbionese Liberation Army at 52nd Street in Los Angeles?  They’re the bad dudes who kidnapped Newspaper Heiress Patty Hearst.

Here are video clips of the shootout. It takes a few seconds for the sound to start.

You’ll also see one-of-a-kind crime scene photos of the aftermath.

The Ole’ Buzzard’s Road Kill Roundup date, time, and place will be announced.  It will likely be held around a noon hour at a local library in a super-duper, technology-heavy, conference room – with hoagies and drinks for all.   Any winner under 18 must attend with an adult/guardian.  For those who cannot travel or are out of State, we’ll arrange a video conference via Zoom

Wayne L. Wickizer … aka … The Ole’ Buzzard

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Edited by Daniel Newby

“The Ole’ Buzzard”

Wayne L. Wickizer
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letter of commendation from Director J. Edgar Hoover
and also a letter of commendation from Jack Anderson
of “The Washington Merry-go-Round.”
(Hoover and Anderson loathed each other.)

5,000+ USAF Flying Hours
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