Unift Mitt and his Vap’n Waggon Mobile


Mad Mitt’s Vap’n Waggon just rolled in and he’s in ecstacy.  He’s huffing.  He’s puffing.  He’s scratching and scrambling “madly” to hitch a ride and pile on the publicity!

We’ve parked Romney’s cowardly speech here.  We’ll be commenting on it in the future.

Sample from the Deseret News “Mitt Romney calls on FDA to consider recalling e-cigarettes.

Our Medias’ Toothless, Pusillanimous Pups were slobbering and slavering when in fact they should have been doing their homework.  

Yo!  Go figure! Just look at the big ‘bacco baggage Mitt’s dragg’n.

Mad Mitt’s “take” from Big Tobacco.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/zzzMad-Mitt-Mobile.pdf” title=”zzzMad Mitt Mobile”]

Oh well … what the hell!  If he ain’t flip’n and flopp’n over somthin,’ he ain’t Mitt.

Vaping = Big Tobacco = Vaping.  Insurers rarely distinguish between vaping and smoking. They do not consider e-cigarettes a smoking cessation aid, but a tobacco product.

Mad Mitt Rom-n-ey = Hy-po-cris-y

Compliments from “The Ole’ Buzzard” who just can’t stand the thought of his grandkids suffering for decades under “Unfit Mitt” …  “Opioid Orrin” Hatch’s understudy!

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