USTAR III & Utah State University … Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

From: USTAR’s mission is to accelerate the commercialization of science and technology ideas generated from the private sector, entrepreneurial and university researchers in order to positively elevate tax revenue, employment and corporate retention in the State of Utah. 

From: The Ole’ Buzzard’s blog  (See USTAR Part I   and USTAR Part II)  USTAR is a  “Cornucopia of Corruption.”

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From the sidelines looking onto the playing field, we observe a sad misadventure that …

has cost Ogden, Weber County and the State of Utah the loss of a $50 Million National Headquarters Project and National Critical Technology Center, hundreds of jobs, multi millions of $s in salaries and purchasing power that would have infused our communities with renewed well being and vigor. 

This misadventure has also denied tens of thousands of Utah school children the opportunity to enjoy a uniquely Global, Disney type, Weather Wonderland Center housed in Ogden, Utah. 

We imagine busloads of school kids excitedly pouring into the center and engaging in a virtual-visual reality of the “weather.” They could simulate flying into the fierce eyes of terrible typhoons, chasing down wild, wooly and unpredictable tornados, and slogging through steamy, seepy swamps drenched with rain under thundering skies.  They would have experienced, up close and personal, the tragedy and majesty of the World’s weather while right at home, here in Ogden, Utah at the Center. 

The forgoing are mere numbers, estimates and conjectures but in reality the losses span incalculable golden opportunities now set adrift forever after anticipating … 

“Cutting­ edge weather equipment to call Ogden home”

Article by Mitch Shaw, Standard­ Examiner Staff THURSDAY , APRIL 10, 2014 ­ OGDEN — “The future center of the universe for weather forecasting will be located in Ogden, Utah.”

A unique technology that could see weather before there is weather was ultimately to have been deployed around the Globe from an Ogden command center. Almost as if springing from an “eternal” source, this priceless technology belonged to all mankind.  Yet it was curiously hijacked by a few … vis-a-vis a lawsuit in Utah’s Federal Court. 

“Game on!” The details unfold … 

Be prepared for a trek through long dark shadows cast over Utah State University (USU) and a legitimate business that could have brought innovation and prosperity to Ogden, Weber County and Utah.  This  story unfolds, unmasks and “outs” the “who” and the “what.”

Setting the stage …

    • We’ll identify a senior CIA operative burrowed into the center of Utah State University’s  (USU) “Tech Tank”  Space Dynamics  Lab.
    • We’ll tell a story about technology that was hijacked by The United States Justice Department back in the day (See the INSLAW Octopus) and wonderful USU weather technology that was similarly hijacked by federal litigation in Utah.
    • We’ll expose two compromised and conflicted Federal Judges who were endorsed by Senator “Opioid Orrin” Hatch. 
    • We’ll ask why a Utah State University, USTAR Tsar executive suddenly jumped ship.  Or was he forced to walk the plank?. 

After we pry the lid off a veritable Pandora’s Box … USTAR style … we’ll sneak a peek at  USU’s CIA resident Operative embedded in the middle of Utah State University’s (USU) Tech Tank … Space Dynamics Lab (SDL)

We’ll first look into USTAR III and “How the CIA, FBI and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America’s Universities.”

The CIA Within Academe… 

    • “… documents how foreign and domestic intelligence agencies use — and perhaps exploit — higher education and academe for spy operations.”
    • “It’s pretty widespread, and I’d say it’s most prevalent at research universities.”
    • “… highlights the existential questions facing higher education … those brought on by cozy relationships between the U.S. intelligence and academe.”
    • “… this practice, which raises larger questions about academic boundaries, the integrity of class discussions and student interactions, and whether an American university has a responsibility to accommodate U.S. intelligence.”

Other readings:

On the inside we found “Spook in Residence” Matt Berrett an example of a CIA Mole dug in as the Director of Analytics at USU’s “Tech Tank” the  Space Dynamics Lab (SDL).

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”zCIA Matt Berrett Bio Sep 2016]

SDL Programs … many of which are keys and pertinent to the Weather “stuff” that’s inside.

SDL Organization …  Berrett is listed as the “Analytics Director” but no formal job description could be found.

What interest, pray tell, does the CIA have in the weather?  Let’s see now …

“Why Is The CIA Funding Geoengineering Research?” Posted in Science on 19th July, 2013 11:35 PM by Alex Muller

“The Central Intelligence Agency is joining with the National Air and Space Administration, the National Academy of Sciences, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to spend $630,000 studying a subset of potential global warming solutions. Geo-engineering, as the solutions are broadly termed, is the science of manipulating the environment in a way that mitigates, halts, or otherwise disrupts global warming. It makes sense that three science agencies are examining this, but why the CIA?”

CIA wants to control the weather, climate change SMARTER AMERICA Published July 23, 2013 Last Update October 21, 2015

“The CIA is funding a study examining various ways mankind can geoengineer the planet — blocking or limiting the sunlight that reaches the Earth, stripping carbon dioxide from the skies, seeding the clouds and so on.  The project, a panel called “Geoengineering Climate: Technical Evaluation and Discussion of Impacts,” is backed by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA — and the U.S. intelligence community.  That’s spy-talk for the CIA, William Kearney, a spokesman for NAS, told Mother Jones.” 

Does the US Military Own the Weather?” “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?

Professor Alan Robock stated that three years ago, two men claiming to be from the CIA had called him to ask whether experts would be able to tell if hostile forces had begun manipulating the US’s weather, though he suspected the purpose of the call was to find out if American forces could meddle with other countries’ climates instead.”

What do we have so far?

    1. USTAR Cornucopia of Corruption
    2. Failed and Fallen Star.
    3. High Level CIA Spook embedded in USTAR/USU’s premier SDL a “Tech Tank.”
    4. CIA vitally … v-i-t-a-l-l-y … interested in the weather.
    5. And there’s also the Ole’ Buzzard who has 3,000 flying hours of “up close and touchy” experience in the worst of the World’s Weather.  Please click on this link for more of the Buzzard’s bio.  Then right click your mouse and select “back” to return here.

Moving on now …  After we’re finished here and for more details about weather, please revisit our earlier posting “The Weather.”

USU’s USTAR helped spin Storm and Tempus Global Data out of the Tech Tank.

What was Storm and Tempus Global technology supposed to do?  Well now …  let’s think really long and hard about the following statement.

“We see Weather Before There is Weather!”

The Vision …

Tempus Global Data envisioned a $50 Million National Headquarters Project and National Critical Technology Center for Ogden, Utah.  This center was to have housed an advanced weather, science, technology, operations, education, and research facility.  As an active weather center, it would collect and disburse critical, marketable, weather information to a variety of commercial and government subscribers, house a Disney like “World of Weather” designed to educate and entertain thousands of children and adults, and create significant numbers of jobs and economic enterprise for Utah and the Ogden area. Furthermore, from a SatNews” story quoting Tempus Global we learn, “Research suggests there are some $90 billion in savings that our approach to weather data could help create. NOAA estimates that the value of weather information to the U.S. economy is $31.5 billion.

For a wonderful walk through the weather with Tempus Global, please watch the video that follows …

In the “Weather Warp” that was created between Utah State University and GeoMet Watch, the funding for the Storm program fell apart. GeoMet Watch couldn’t do the deal. Tempus Global Data picked up the baton and ran with it. Thereafter, GeoMet Watch initiated litigation against USU, Tempus Global Data, other entities and individuals. The technology then stalled in Utah’s federal system. The plot thickens.

USTAR was USU’s goose that laid research golden eggs for technology … especially STORM in this case.   Once more, when GeoMet Watch couldn’t do the deal with Storm, Tempus Global Data’s team picked up the baton and ran with it.  The following link to news about the complaint is an eventual “Must Read”   GeoMetWatch sued.

In order to more clearly understand our perspective on what has happened, we’ve created a homely little analogy.

Imagine that USU’s Agricultural whizz kids had been developing a prize breed of hog.  Those porkers were exceptional in every way.  They could eat stuff that ruminants were pooping and get fat and pretty on it.  Now USU is really in the business of innovating and not much interested in feeding, fitting and showing hogs.  Farmer Jones knew of USU’s program, threw his hat in the ring and contracted for one of USU’s little porkers called “Storm” who he could feed, fatten, fit, show and take to market.  Done deal!  USU had a contract with Jones and Jones had his little porker Storm. (Farmer Jones = GeoMetWatch).

Oooops, in the ensuing months, Farmer Jones (GeoMetWatch) went broke and jumped off the barn head first.   He didn’t die but was laid up for a spell.  Some other fellas (Tempus Global Data and Team) heard of USU and Jones’ plight and took over the feeding, fitting, showing and marketing of Storm … Jones’ prize porker.  Little Storm was soon stuffing and growing his pretty self.  Seeing this, Jones decided that he still owned and wanted a piece of his little porker and sued USU and the Tempus Global Team for it.

We have absolutely no opinion regarding who owns what.  But stay tuned for the shenanigans that follow.

Jones (GeoMetWatch) complained, sued and was delighted that those who drafted his complaint mentioned an endorsement by the Nation’s longest sitting or should we have said longest sleeping Senator “Opioid” Orrin Hatch? It’s right here folks in the complaint at #28 …

“28. Utah State University’s reputation has been significantly enhanced as the STORM project progressed. In 2011, GMW received a formal endorsement from Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), mentioning USU’s role in the project. In April of 2013, USU’s public relations department touted the STORM Agreement with GMW as the “single largest applied engineering contract at a USU lab.” In late 2013, Space News named GMW one of the top five companies to watch in the space industry.”

Name dropper Farmer Jones scored big with the Hatch endorsement.  Why do we know this?  Well presiding Judge Jill Parrish and her Magistrate Paul Warner were Hatch endorsed judges.  In Warner’s case, not just endorsed but bottle fed by Hatch for decades.  Warner denied a critical motion to compel discovery of what lay behind PILR the entity funding the Jones lawsuit.

For just a moment, we ask the reader to imagine, along with us, being the Tempus Global team that rescued, fed, fit and were preparing to show and bring to market their version of  little “Storm.”   We read in the complaint against us that, In 2011, GMW received a formal endorsement from Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), mentioning USU’s role in the project.”  Then We learned of the Parrish, Warner and Hatch cozy connections.

“Crapped out!”  The dice were loaded long before the players got in the game!

In case we aren’t understood here … we hollar … we yell  … “The judges have a … &$#@*#@!  … conflict of interest!!!!!”

All-the-while knowing that there is more than a 99% chance that any conflict of interest charges filed against a sitting federal judge will be denied and dismissed, the Ole’ Buzzard flew to Denver and (Don’t forget to eventually Click on the following link.)  filed conflict of interest ethics complaints with the 10th Circuit … complaints versus Judges Parrish and Warner.

Regardless the angst and effort that ensued, this matter remained locked down in litigation and gagged by secrecy.  “Justice delayed is indeed justice denied!”

The case has been creating more billable hours for  more attorneys than one can count on the fingers and toes of two hands and two feet.

See lawyers piling on like our Buzzard’s cousins jump a heap of fresh roadkill. 

It’s all about billable hours folks … never mind a discovery enuring to the benefit of all mankind and thousands of school children who would have delighted in a Disney like World of Weather.

As of our last reviews and compilations, the Court’s Docket in this matter spaned 05/16/2014 to 10/26/2018 with 794 entries. There have been 26 individual attorneys of record involved in one capacity or another at one time or another: Alba, Adam; Ballif, Philip M.; Balmanno, Alain C.; Barclay, Robert D.; Bell, Ryan B.; Berger, Arthur B.; Burton, H. Dickson; Ferre, Joel A.; Geary, Stephen W.; Goff, Darin B.; Green, Tyler R.; Harrington, Robert P.; Hufford, Andrew A.; Kaiser, Kyle J.; Kovalov, Yevgen; Magleby, James E.; Moxley, Paul T.; Orme, Matthew J.; Pahnke, Z. Ryan; Ranschau, Beth J.; Stringham III, Reed M.; Terry, Rachel G.; Tomsic, Peggy A.; Tufts, David W.; Von Maack, Christopher M.; Wentz, Adam D.

In addition to the 26 individual attorneys listed above, if one were to count the law firms, governmental litigation divisions, clerks, paralegals and others, the numbers would be staggering.

A word search showed 598 references to “seal” or “sealed.” When refined, the words “Seal” or “Sealed” connect to approximately 100 documents that are noted *SEALED DOCUMENT.*   The Federal courthouse has been papered with legal documents from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.  This lawsuit is “raw meat” to a ravenous Utah legal community that gleefully gorges on frenzies surrounding spurious and questionable litigation.

What do we have now?

    1. USTAR a Cornucopia of Corruption.
    2. Failed and Falling Star.
    3. High Level CIA Spook embedded in USTAR/USU’s premier “Tech Tank.”
    4. CIA vitally interested in the weather.
    5. USU weather tech spin off was hijacked by litigation.
    6. Judges had conflicts associated with Sugar Daddy Hatch’s endorsements.
    7. Everything is a secret.
    8. Same song but the first verse was sung way back in a 1990s case called The Inslaw Octopus.

We allege that herein and par for the course for Orrin Hatch, there is overarching a veneer of typical, political skulduggery.  Although not consistent with a Weather theme, the important point to be made here is that Hatch and his two judges have surfaced operating in concert.   Hatch’s history of hijinks is chronicled extensively at   Trading on and benefitting from the information that Hatch is always privy to is his norm.  We cite the following as but one small example. 

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Political Intelligence”]

Trading on and benefitting from insider information (Political Intelligence)  involves far more than  moving and manipulating financial and futures markets.  Successfully trading on insider information reaps the power and control necessary to manipulate and hijack what we are reporting herein all-the-while masking and obfuscating the entire process with litigation. 

From “The Inslaw Octopus”we extract and abbreviate as follows.

    • Software piracy, conspiracy, cover-up, stonewalling, covert action.
    • “The DOJ, aware that its case management system is in dire need of automation, funds Inslaw and PROMIS.
    • According to Federal court documents, PROMIS was stolen from Inslaw by the Department of Justice.
    • And according to sworn affidavits, PROMIS was then given or sold at a profit to Israel and as many as 80 other countries.
    • The House Judiciary Committee lists these crimes as among the possible violations perpetrated by “high-level Justice officials and private individuals:” Conspiracy to commit an offense; Fraud; Wire fraud; Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies and committees; Tampering with a witness; Retaliation against a witness; Perjury; Interference with commerce by threats or violence; Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) violations; Transportation of stolen goods, securities, moneys; Receiving stolen goods.”
    • From Google we discover Michael Riconosciuto  a key source in Inslaw accused, imprisoned and released.

That was merely at the tip of Inslaw’s tentacles!  We used Inslaw as an example and  parallel predecessor of the USTAR – USU – Storm – Tempus Global Data escapades as outlined above.

Finally, let’s move on now to USU’s USTAR Tsar Robert Behunin a defendant named in the GeoMetWatch lawsuit.  Behunin was the  USU vice president of commercialization and advancement … helping to spin Storm and/or Tempus Global Data out to be commercialized.  

We believe that the following USTAR Tsar Brouhaha is  inextricably intertwined with Tempus Global Data. 

USU’s USTAR Tsar Dr. Robert Behunin

We have sensed and anticipated how the following news was nuanced.  We believe that from our one over the USTAR World perspective,  what was said and implied in the news is accurately interpreted by us herein.  Our senses have “sniffed” out significant threads of angst running between USU and Behunin.

On Jan 7, 2014, Kevin Opsahl of the Harold Journal in Cache Valley, Utah reported that,

“(Dr. Robert Behunin) … is optimistic about the leadership changes taking place within USTAR, the state’s major science-technology initiative, which has been under scrutiny recently.” 

According to  Behunin, USU’s vice president of commercialization and advancement, ” … the installment of former Lt. Gov. Greg Bell as chairman of the USTAR (Utah Science Technology and Research initiative) Governing Authority will help the initiative “move into the next phase” after an October state audit said that USTAR exaggerated the number of jobs it created and over-reported its success.”

We allege that Bell is one of our Utah Goodfellas’ most adept “fixer/cleaners.”

The foregoing by Opsahl seems neutral regarding Behunin.  However, the next article with pieces abstracted and our comments following are interpretations of how we believe the August 19, 2016 story by reporter Opsahl was negatively nuanced.

Article: “Longtime USU vice president voluntarily steps down.” 

Comment: We contemplate the word “voluntarily.”  Does that mean there was some pressure on Behunin to step down?  Keep in mind, the Utah Legislative Auditor General’s extremely negative findings that we reported in USTAR I & II had been published.  Bell had been engaged as the “cleaner” for USTAR.

Article: “USU Spokesman Tim Vitale said Robert Behunin stepped down from his position as director of special advancement projects on Aug. 9 and is no longer with the university.”

Comment: “He took that last step off the plank Matey!” One must wonder if there was a golden net between Behunin and the sharks circling below.  The fact that nobody has gone to jail in the Cornucopia of Corruption called USTAR makes one wonder how much “Hush” money is in the mix.  Look for “nippering” in USTAR II. 

Article: “Behunin left his previous position as vice president of advancement and commercialization in April as part of a “leadership change” made by USU President Stan Albrecht, according to Vitale.  Vitale said there was no disciplinary action against Behunin while he was either director or vice president.” 

Comment: Well now, was there disciplinary action when he was “something” at any other time?  Why even mention … no disciplinary action...” at all?  That was either a monumental “gaffe” by Vitale or an “in your face” message to the reading World that disciplinary action against Behunin had perhaps been contemplated or consumated another time, place and for other reasons.  Or on the flip side, could that have been Behunin “ghosting it” through Vitale just to persuade the readers that his skirts were clean?  Heaven only knows.

Article:  “In an email to The Herald Journal, Behunin did not elaborate on why he stepped down as vice president.” 

Comment: Duhhh!  Of course he didn’t-wouldn’t elaborate!   The juicy part of this comment is that the Herald got to report it that way. 

Article: “Under Behunin’s tenure as vice president, USTAR came under heavy scrutiny by the Legislature for inflating its success and misreporting its progress.”

Comment: Ah ha!  We’re finally getting to the guts of it now. Please see our comments about “auditor speak” found here. We believe that those who make false and misleading statements with artifice, design and scheme to defraud should in the least be shamed but ideally spend time in jail.

Article: “USTAR and USU officials have since made reforms and are pledging to adhere by them, while the Legislature passed new laws to keep USTAR’s reporting methods in line.”

Comment:  “Reforms?” Do you mean like pushing  the USTAR Tsar off the plank?

Article: “USTAR is required to report annually on its productivity to lawmakers.” 

CommentLooking back at USTAR’s track record, believing in any of their reports would be like believing “ruminant poopings” are good hog slop.  

Article: “According to information provided by USU, Behunin served in a variety of senior administrative positions at USU since at least 2003, including associate executive director of the USU Uintah Basin Campus and special assistant to the USU president.” 

Comment: The most pregnant question following is, “Why’d ole’  USTAR Tsar Behunin really leave his cushy cornucopia of corruption?

We believe that the USTAR Tsar brouhaha is  inextricably intertwined with Tempus Global Data … absolutely, irrefutably, inextricably intertwined!

Lawsuit:Utah State University conspired to steal trade secrets Story by Lindsay Whitehurst The Salt Lake Tribune May 22, 2014 

      • The state put almost $3 million of taxpayer money in the project through the research-investment agency USTAR;
      • But GeoMetWatch says USU’s Robert Behunin, the vice president of commercialization, had promised to put up the collateral and it was left in the lurch when his office reneged ….

Oh my, oh my, “… what a tangled web we weave  when first we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott

In a word, Behunin was either thrown overboard, forced to walk the plank or jumped.  Whatever or whichever … USU’s USTAR Tsar Behunin was gone.

We used the following image because it likely fits another USTAR Star or two. However, we suspect that Behunin actually had to walk the plank. 

So where are we now?

    1. USTAR a Cornucopia of Corruption
    2. Failed and Falling Star.
    3. High Level CIA Spook embedded in USTAR/USU’s premier “Tech Tank.”
    4. CIA vitally interested in the weather.
    5. USU weather tech spin off was hijacked by litigation.
    6. Judges had conflicts associated with Sugar Daddy Hatch’s endorsements.
    7. Everything is a secret.
    8. Same song but the first verse was sung in a 1990s case called The Inslaw Octopus.
    9. USU’s USTAR Tsar Dr. Robert Behunin “Overboard!”

To be continued as we ask and hope to have answered but a few nagging questions …

      1. Where did the cash strapped Farmer Jones “really” get the money to litigate against the Tempus Global Team?  Ostensibly PILR … but reallyWarner denied a critical motion to compel discovery of what lay behind PILR.
      2. Who has control over the technology now?
      3. How is the technology to be deployed if it is ever to be so deployed?
      4. Who will benefit?
      5. There had to have been … there must have been … Hush-“Stuff”- Money … how’d it get spread?
      6. Does the “Nippering” in Part II have something to do with Hush-“Stuff”-Money?
      7. From our observation of human behavior vis-a-vis USTAR, we believe that there are a plethora of similar and equally ragged relationships involving Tech Tanks and Skunk Works at Utah’s Universities.  We have another set of circumstances in mind that we’ll  be tackling soon.

USTAR Part IV is churning away in the hopper.  Bring on questions and answers.  We know our readers have some of both!

Doubting that cash strapped GeoMetWatch could afford it, we yearn to learn who is “really” behind funding the Federal Litigation that “tanked” USU-GeoMetWatch- Tempus Global technology.  They’ve certainly achieved a remarkable result!

No matter the outcome in Federal Court, the result remains the same.  Tempus Global Data’s technology and futuristic plans have been hijacked and set adrift forever.  The actions of a few have cost Ogden, Weber County and the State of Utah the loss of a $50 Million National Headquarters Project and National Critical Technology Center, hundreds of jobs, multi millions of $s in salaries and purchasing power that would have infused our communities with renewed well being and vigor.

This misadventure has also denied tens of thousands of Utah school children the opportunity to enjoy a uniquely Global, Disney type, Weather Wonderland housed in Ogden.

Like Humpty Dumpty, USTAR and Tempus Global have fallen off the wall and broken in pieces … never, ever to be put “back together again.”

Afterward … Dear Readers …

Please forgive the following personal note.  The Ole’ Buzzard is the “rough cut” product of his 82 years …

    • Grew up a cowboy and logger.
    • Climbed the military enlisted ranks to Master Sergeant.
    • Retired as a Major in Special Forces and was a Military Master Parachutist.
    • As an FBI Agent, worked the streets in Los Angeles chasing bank robbers.
    • Worked criminal cases involving organized crime, white collar crime, racketeering, bribery, antitrust and corruption.
    • Flew 5,000 hours 3,000 of which were in the worst and most hazardous weather on Earth conducting typhoon reconnaissance and upper air sampling of Soviet radioactive fallout. 

That sounds like a lot of shameless, self promotion and personal, horn tooting … definitely NOT intended.  Here are points that do need to be made, however.  Like it or not, this Ole’ “Rough Cut” trooper will sometimes lapse back to another life and sprinkle some “color” on the “salty” words he uses.  Also, the ebb and flow of those words will vary from sometimes formal to oftimes informal and sometimes pretty ragged and non-standard … all for effect.  So please do have fireproof ears handy.  Then one won’t be surprised if The Ole’ Buzzard suddenly gets a real “case of the ass” and calls it clearly and directly for what it is and what is about to be learned.  We also use font changes, bolding, punctuation gyrations, ellipses, centering and justifying, visuals galore and other devices to hopefully enhance readability and lend a more visual, visceral and conversational tone to our postings.

Finally, the reader should never forget our emphasis on the reliability and efficacy of our senses as we’ve already discussed them in USTAR Part II.

If, while snooping, prognosticating and postulating something …

… then something’s in the wind and on the way!  We can count on apprehending or being apprehended by shameful, inappropriate, fraudulent and/or corrupt conduct.

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