UtahPolicy.Com … The Utah Deseret News’ Pusillanimous Pup

UtahPolicy.com just published a list of “feel good awards” recently won by them. They  proudly have postured, preened, primped and praised themselves for masquerading as journalists … albeit unconsciously.

The Ole’ Buzzard then tried to post a comment on Policy’s site … a comment similar to the following but enlarged with a “wee bit” more vigor herein …

It’s all “feel good” stuff, but where’s the award for serving as a citizen’s “WatchDog” over the Executives, the Legislators and the Judges … the 4th Estate’s historical charter?

Did you weigh in with a proud voice when  51 Utah Legislators were caught on the take from Big Tobacco to the total tune of about $244,683.00?

Did you proudly weigh in with a story when the Utah Attorney General went on the take for $47,500.00 among 80 or so legislators also on the take to the total tune of about $407,506.00 from Energy Solutions?

Where was your vaunted “scientific analysis” when all of that was happening? No, you were out to lunch … AWOL … pimping for the established Goodfella elite as the mouthpiece for your publisher/lobbyist.  We cite for example the long history of preferential and timid treatment of Governor “Available Jones” Herbert

We add “registered Utah Lobbyist” who is Utah Policy publisher Lavarr Webb of the Exoro Group.” Hmmm … the boss is a Lobbyist.  Well now, that’s supposed to make Utah Policy a member of the 4th estate and qualified for an award from The Society of Professional Journalists? There’s a serious disconnect here between registered lobbyist and real journalist.

“The Exoro Group, founded in 2002, serves the best corporations, governmental entities and non-profits. We achieve results by blending scientific analysis, modern communications and deep connections.”

We would add, “… by also blending a lot of bull shit into a rag that’s nothing more than a mouthpiece for Utah’s favored, elite  Goodfellas.”

We’ve not heard one word from their charter above about pinning some Goodfella’s ears back and keeping at it until the Rule of Law and Good Governance are restored.  Those are the rewards we expect real journalism to be craving and touting.

The Pup’s auto responder came back to The Ole’ Buzzard with …

“We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by UtahPolicy.com.”   

The Buzzard will add that to his resume as an award. 

On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 10:08 AM we included Bryan Schott, Managing Editor, on a posting that linked to the following comment, “But … with absolute certainty, we point directly to the Deseret News and its pusillanimous pup utahpolicy.com as the dregs of a decrepit, deceitful, derelict Utah media.”

On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 11:11 AM  Bryan Schott <bschott@utahpolicy.com> wrote:
“Please remove me from your email list.”   We did so forthwith.

What is the point in waging war here?

Especially since there’s little or no fight left in the Utah Policy dog.  We can’t even get any good swear’n going across the table between us let alone get them to even growl or bark at Utah’s Goodfellas. Utah Policy are just masquerading as journalists.

As an aside, we remember what Mark Twain (Sam Clemens) once told us to do …

… “When angry count four; when very angry, swear. There ought to be a room in every house to swear in. It’s dangerous to have to repress an emotion like that. Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”

So with The Ole’ Buzzard’s Roost as a good room to swear in, here we go!

So for y’all at Utah Policy … the Damn Deseret News’ pusillanimous Pup … here’s The Ole’ Buzzard’s award for your brand of journalism.

The Toothless Dog Award.

(We promised to not send you “stuff.”  So you’ll just have to recover your award around at the back door where  the other Utah lobbyists hang out!)

Way to go Policy!


S/ The Ole Buzzard
“There are a thousand hacking
 at the branches of evil to one 
who is striking at the root.”
H.D. Thoreau
Wayne L. Wickizer
Banned by UtahPolicy.com 
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Former FBI Agent 1970-76
Retired Educator
Member Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
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