“Send in the Clowns!” … No! … Send in Rap’n Rambo Utah Attorney General Reyes!

On March 2, 2017, Pimp Mobile Drive’n, Rap’n Rambo, Bling’n Bishop, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes paid “$1,920.00 (to) Zion Massage College (for) Political Events – services.”  That’s according to one line on Reyes’ report to our Loosey Goosey Lt. Governor.    Big deal?  Yes … No … Maybe?

Reyes Rap’n up a Storm

Image is everything.  If Reyes were adult enough to protect his image, then paying for massages with donor funds would be considered “tacky” and out of sync with the dignity and decorum expected of his office.   But … tacky, sophomoric gaming is what Rap’n Rambo Reyes is all about.  Massaging donors and followers goes right along with his repertoire of “cutesy” little Barnum & Bailey acts like the ones found in a Circus … “The Snake Charmer” … “The Sword Swallower” … “The Tall Man” … “The Strong Man” … and … “Get your Fortune Told and a Reyes Massage!” … all cons and completely out of sync.  So let’s continue the massage metaphor, shall we?

“Send in the Clowns!”

Reyes is giving massages.

FollowTheMoney.org shows contributions to REYES, SEAN D (within federal, state and local data) 1,269 contributions totaling $3,237,625.   The reader is invited to “click here” to review these contributions and “click here” to review our compilation of reported expenditures. Both databases are searchable.  Please feel free to report any “phony baloney” stuff encountered.   “Click here” for the The Dos and Do-Nots of Campaign Financial Disclosures.  

One can only imagine how IRS Auditors back in our day looking for unreported personal income would have viewed all of this.  We suspect they’d have slobbered, salavated and drooled all over their slide rules and abacuses!” (References to computational tools used before computers in the Ole’ Buzzard’s day.) 

Reyes has been massaging some powerful folks for a long time. He’s massaged his way to the Tip Top of the Top10Takers even ahead of Utah legislators bramble, adams, wilson, davis, vickers, gibson, dunnigan, ray and stevenson.  (Enlarge the chart below and click on the blue hyperlinks for the details.)

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/zzzTop-10-1.pdf” title=”zzzTop 10 + 1″]

Reyes’ “technique” has also landed him under the microscope of a number of doggedly-determined investigative reporters. We have borrowed from the work of two exceptional ones.   

Rantt Exclusive: Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes Continues A Legacy Of Corruption by Kaz Weida provides an excellent summary of Reyes’ dirty deeds.

Highlighted quotes from her report:

      • … reported mishandling of the prosecution of sex crimes.
      • … penchant for wearing a bulletproof vest around town and flashing his badge off hours …
      • … $40,000 from Washakie Renewable Energy, a company that’s known as a front for the notorious Kingston Clan …
      • … unethical to be sitting on the advisory boards of organizations that might break the law and be prosecuted by the state.
      • Several prosecutors with questionable backgrounds were kept on, included one with a felony criminal record and a chief of investigations, Leo Lucey, who was once formally cited in a federal court decision for evidence tampering and racial prejudice.
      • As one anonymous source commented, “The AG’s office executive staff does not serve the state of Utah. It is a barely concealed political campaign staff for Sean Reyes.”
      • … Contaminating Crime Scenes …
      • … How Utah’s AG Office failed a rape survivor – twice …

The Mother Lode of Reyes’ background information is found in PACKER CHRONICLE 44 By Lynn Kenneth Packer, March 31, 2017.  Packer is considered by many to be a Utah Dean Emeritus of Investigative Reporting and he paid the price for his dedication.

Highlighted quotes from his report:

      • … Sean Reyes Criminal Cases One dropped and another pending …
      • … Reyes came under FBI criminal investigation in connection with a variety of allegations including one about Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) …
      • … His alleged attempt to bribe an operative who had dug up dirt on his political opponents …
      • … FBI criminal probe concluded quietly and secretly (no leaks to the press) with no charges being brought …
      • … Reyes “is a lifer for Eiji’s,” the brand name of the cigarette alternative, aka“oil stick.” It says Reyes “loved PSDI.” …
      • … Utahn Jon Taylor, who lobbied against the gutting of Utah’s anti-pyramid scheme law, says Reyes has done nothing to curb what Taylor says is the corrupting influence of MLMs …
      • … Buddy Reyes: A deputized Utah Attorney General operative … Buddy Reyes pulled out his wallet and displayed a badge his son Sean had issued him. He said he was called as agent for the Utah AG’s office to rescue trafficked children …
      • … How Attorney General Sean Reyes’ nutritional products plant tour hints at why Utah is still the nation’s fraud capital …
      • … Utah:Fraud Capital of the United States/the World …
      • … The Davis County Attorney’s Preliminary Criminal Investigation into O.U.R. …
      • … Reyes’ Deadbeat Hatchet Man: Alan Shawn Crooks …
      • … The John Swallow Takedown How one FBI investigation relates to another No sooner than the FBI was winding up its multi-year corruption investigation into former Utah Attorneys General Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow, when it began a criminal probe of their successor, Sean Reyes.

It’s all in the following by Packer:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/44._Reyes_Criminal_Probe_Story_F_Comp_PDFd_March_31_17.docx.pdf”%5D

Packer had published an earlier expose, “Lying for the Lord.” Utah’s Goodfellas couldn’t deal with the message, so they shot the messenger … figuratively, that is, by maligning and firing Packer for telling the truth.  It was one helluva story.  Even the Mob surfaced to play a tangential role vis-a-vis Jerry Gatto and the infamous Bonanno Brothers.

Read all about Utah’s Goodfellas in the intriguing, synopsized visual presentation that follows:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Lying-for-the-Lord-slideshow-.pptx.pdf” title=”Lying for the Lord slideshow .pptx”]

Reyes’ nebulous mention of “massage services” intrigued us, resurrecting memories of ghosts and skeletons from the past — buried in the dusty, dry, windy deserts between Salt Lake City, Sin City (Las Vegas) and Tinseltown (Los Angeles).

Back in the day if we were looking for a fugitive, we’d grab a handful of his photos and plaster his mug shot across every seamy honky tonk (for you youngsters, that’s a shady nightclub) and sleazy massage parlor in the area.

After all, the providers of “Massages Services” in those days were the guys and dolls our bad boy fugitives played with.  Invariably, our fugitives would push somebody around or not “pay up.” Sooner or later a tipster would call us.  The Mob would even weigh in from time to time by dropping a “dime” (putting a dime in a pay phone) and ratting on one of their own who had been “fingered” for snitching.  Turning their own rats into the Feds was cleaner than having to “whack” the snitch themselves. 

Reyes’ Barnum & Bailey financial “report” blew through our heads like a blast of hot, wind-driven sand through the sage and cedars … blew all the way here from Vegas … resurrecting vivid memories of the Mob and Nevada’s Goodfellas.

Therefore … we looked a little deeper into Reyes’ “Take.

      • From Kaz Weida’s article, “The Salt Lake Tribune began sounding the alarm on Reyes’ donors in 2015, when they noticed several amounts
        Sleep with Dogs – Get Fleas

        totaling up to $40,000 from Washakie Renewable Energy, a company that’s know as a front for the notorious Kingston Clan. The Kingstons are wealthy polygamists who often attempt to fund local politicians in hopes they’ll get a pass on numerous criminal activities, including the exploitation of young girls in their care. Reyes was the keynote speaker at the company’s Christmas party in 2015. Several members of the clan have been convicted of rape or criminal incest. The resulting media firestorm led Reyes and his campaign manager, Alan Crooks, to freeze the funds.”

We’ll continue looking here and elsewhere … until more skeletons tell their tales.

From the inner workings of many investigations in and out of the FBI, we learned that “massage services” aren’t the only form of compensation one can receive, and criminal-political connections to Utah and its Goodfellas run deep.  (See “Generation of Vipers”)

We repeat, “massage services” aren’t the only form of compensation one can receive, and criminal-political connections to Utah and its Goodfellas run deep.

In the 1980s, the now defunct Utah Holiday Magazine published an article titled Don’t Touch the Dice!  The article exposed a terrible double-standard existing among those who worked within the Las Vegas “gaming” industry.  Upper-level business owners and operators, lawyers, accountants and others who sold their goods and expertise to the industry could serve as church leaders and enjoy all of the blessing of the temple, etc.

Meanwhile, poorer employees who worked the floors were denied temple and other spiritual blessings and privileges.  In other words, an LDS ecclesiastical leader in Las Vegas could manage professional services for gambling houses and  whorehouses without fear of losing his church privileges, but the lowly waitress, dancer, etc., could face a loss of those privileges and ostracization.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Dont-Touch-the-Dice-.pdf” title=”Don’t Touch the Dice”]

Goodfella Hypocrisy Maxed OUT!

Bling’n Bishop AG Reyes brought back to mind those days when this Ole’ Buzzard was hot on the trail of the Goodfellas and the Mob.  There were then, as there are now, many pretty round faces with cunning cons running cover stories for a wide variety of sleazy scams.

The theft of honest services … services promised to us by our elected representatives … looms large in the inventory of cons and their con men like Reyes who subvert the Rule of Law and Good Governance.

Reyes … give and get your massages while you can … the dogs you are sleeping with already have your fleas.

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