PayDay Lenders … “Top 10 Takers” … Utah Legislators … Utah Attorney General … Rapp’n Rambo … Bling’n Bishop … Pimpmobile Drive’n … Reyes!

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The following is a record of “funny money” flowing freely from PayDay Lenders to Utah’s Legislators and Leaders who are the “Top 10 Takers” …

The reader is encouraged to enlarge the following  4 pages of documents to see all the “Takers.” In order to return to this posting, click on your browser’s back arrow.  Please go here for “Follow the Money” data used in this listing of “Takers.” 

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AG Sean Reyes locked into his predecessor’s disgraced, cruddy, muddy footsteps.

Timeline for Reyes’ Predecessors … AGs Swallow and Shurtleff investigations. and “Former Attorney General John Swallow hid donations from payday loan industry, investigators say.”

The newest chief among Utah’s Goodfellas is our Attorney General … Rapp’n Rambo … Bling’n Bishop … Pimpmobile Drive’n … Sean Reyes on the take from … 

    1. PayDay lenders $22,000.00
    2. Also from PayDay lender Select Management Resources  for $16,500.00 that we missed in our first survey.
    3. Altria (Big Tobacco) $21,500.00
    4. Energy Solutions $62,500.00
    5. Washakie Renewable Energy, a company that’s known as a front for the notorious Kingston Clan.  To reyes went $40,985.00 of a total $46,735.00 with the difference going to Utah Legislators.  See also, “Washakie executives accused of millions of dollars tax credit fraud …

Silly, sophomoric and reckless …

Reyes, “On the Take” from PayDay lenders, Big Tobacco Energy Solutions and Washakie has run amok with the public’s confidence and trust.   

Washakie Renewable Energy source report “Rantt Exclusive: Utah Attorney
General Sean Reyes Continues A Legacy Of Corruption” and below … 

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Reyes, “The Bishop of Bling”

“Before Sean Reyes was appointed Utah Attorney General, Salt Lake City Weekly profiled his life story in an article titled “The Bishop of Bling.” “When, at 29, he was made bishop of the 19th LDS ward in downtown Salt Lake City, his congregation nicknamed Sean the ‘Blingin’ bishop,’” the article said. ‘’Blingin’ is the word on his vanity license plate identifying what his wife calls his pimpmobile, a saffron-yellow Volvo C90.'” (Excerpted from the following article.)

Don’t bring a mere salad fork to the following 53 page Banquet!

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Tragedy and Travesty Compounded

We track and expose those who subvert the Rule of Law and Good Governance.  Their “subversions” span a panoply of undignified, shameful, inappropriate, fraudulent,  and corrupt conduct.

When being “On the Take” falls immediately on the heels of scandals involving former Utah Attorneys General Shurtleff and Swallow, the takers deserve to have lost the faith and confidence of those they purport to serve! See the Timeline and “Former Attorney General John Swallow hid donations from payday loan industry, investigators say.”

What did we get when the Governor appointed Reyes as the Attorney General?  Just another “Goodfella on the Take.”

According to PayDay Loan Consumer Information, the State of  Utah either enacted legislation authorizing payday loans, failed to close loopholes exploited by the industry to make high-cost loans, or deregulated small loan interest rate caps.

The following “ProPublica” article is giving The Ole’ Buzzard heartburn … and … it’s a heartburn all of our followers need to share!!!

Much like the Bears Ears’ Rape!  It’s a pox on the Presidency of The United States of America.  Reach for “Tums for your Tummy.”  They’re needed during and after reading the following.

If the reader enlarges the following PDF document, then in order to return to this posting, please click on your browser’s back arrow.

[pdf-embedder url=”—-and-Cashed-In-—-ProPublica.pdf” title=”zHow Payday Lenders Spent $1 Million at a Trump Resort — and Cashed In — ProPublica”]

Equally as odorous as the above, Predatory PayDay Lenders are still having their way with our cash strapped military men and women.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”z military consumer protection”]

Hopefully, our debt (not to be confused with PayDay debt 🙂 ) can be reduced by expressing our profound gratitude to “Follow the Money.” They are the wind beneath our wings as we wend our way through inevitable dark clouds of political shame and “flak!”  Go here for their data used in this posting.  


This 82-year-old Buzzard is often asked, “Why on Earth are  you doing this?” The best answer that he can muster after reflecting on heroes from Generations past, “What have we done with what they won for us?  When did sacrifice of self morph so darkly and quickly to service of self?  What has happened to the Rule of Law and Good Governance when those who represent us willfully and selfishly deceive and defraud us?  Perhaps in some small David vs. Goliath way we can make a difference.  We’ll keep trying!”

Lest we forget them …

In keeping with our website’s address, we produced the following “Justice4All” video.  Enjoy! (Obviously amateur.)


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  1. I want to learm more about Rob Bishop–my friends think he is a good conservative

    1. Toni, Rob hasn’t been on our radar. All that means is we haven’t had cause at this point to dig into his activities. If you want to learn more about Rob, search the internet for press releases about him and then search several other sites like to track his finances. You can also find out how he and others have spent their campaign finances here Here’s another Best wishes from us to you as you dive deeply into the World of politics. Wayne

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