Food for Utah’s Goodfellas

Food for Utah’s Families

Utah Goodfellas are digging down into our pockets again. This time they’re reaching for our groceries with a sales tax hike on food.

Here’s Why We’re Angry …

A few months back, Senator Evan “Pot Pirate” Vickers came trotting, prancing, pirouetting, and preening himself out of committee.   He was hot to fork over $2,000,000.00 of Utah citizens’ taxes, earned by their blood, toil, sweat and tears, so his sleaze mate “Opioid Orrin” Hatch could erect an Obscene Monument to himself.

Yes, you heard that correctly.  Utah’s Goodfellas were going to spend your money to help Hatch build his slimy sarcophagus right across the street from the LDS President Monson’s Center. lecherous vampires ever die … perhaps it was hoped that our grand babies would someday file by for a quick $2.00 peek at “Opioid” Hatch’s mummified remains … graced by the monotonous echoes of a little Hatch ditty playing endlessly in the background to “celestialize[sic] His Majesty’s eternal ambiance.

Disgusted citizens thankfully put the “kibosh” on this nauseating scheme in embryo.  Disappointed legislators so wanted to help their mentor-buddy “Opioid Orrin” augment some of his $509,557.00 Big Pharma Take with our tax money.  But their damage control handlers warned of an impending public relations debacle.  Ergo, with great remorse … they shut it down.   At least we hope so.  Where there’s a perverted will, there’s always a way.

Hatch Take

Open Secrets Media Bias and Fact Check

Among the committee members initially poised to steal money for Opioid Orrin were:  Sen. Curtis “Junket Junkie – Ramblin” Bramble, who spent $273,570.00 of his campaign monies on exotic travel; Sen. Gene “Caddyshack” Davis, who spent $40,055.74 of his campaign monies on golfing, and Sen. Evan “Pot Pirate” Vickers who raked in $33,250.00 of Blood Money from Big Pharma.

How many Utah families might have enjoyed a more fulsome Thanksgiving and Merrier Christmas with the $2MM Vickers et al wanted to squander?

Click here for a roster of Utah’s Takers, most of whom imagine they will squeeze the groceries out of us without one helluva dust up first.

And here’s who’s on the glorified Tax Hike Committee: Sen. Lyle Hillyard, Chair; Rep. Francis Gibson ($45,655.00 blood money take), Chair; Sen. Curt “Junket Junkie Ramblin'” Bramble (again, he spent $273,570.00 on exotic travel); Sen. Kirk Cullimore; Sen. Lincoln Fillmore; Sen. Karen Mayne; Rep. Joel Briscoe; Rep. Tim Quinn; Rep. Mike Schultz; Rep. Robert Spendlove.

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To Utah’s Clueless Officials:
Tax your Campaign Finance Blood Money First

If officials are so desperate for more taxes, they should open their greasy wallets first.  Every dollar of their campaign monies should be taxed at least as high as the food tax they want to force on struggling Utah families.  And any they took should be surrendered entirely to the poor and needy.

Rather than steal from the mouths of Utah children and the elderly, these sleazy charlatans should put their money where their two-faced mouths are.  No one is buying their fake “concern” for the state budget.  It’s a predictable stunt, feint, and deflection … and we “unwashed” ranting rabble rousers aren’t falling for it.

And while we’re all yelling about their duplicitous audacity … we’d best be watching the back doors because Utah’s Goodfellas always have a Plan B ready in the wings when their initial plan fails.  They learned in Machiavelli Manipulation Class 101:

Always start with the full shaft, so the People will thank you when you only give them half the shaft.

In the meantime, let us ponder how these heartless, clueless, Goodfella malcontents chose to launch their offensive, cold, cruel, calculated grocery-grab just before the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  No wonder they are so cavalier, arrogant, and disdainful when reporting their untaxed finances to “Loosey Goosey” Lt. Governor Spencer Cox.

Have a Merry Christmas … fellow Serfs and Servants!  Utah’s Goodfellas are ensuring that we’ll pay for their lavish lifestyles for years to come.

It’s good to know there are many others who will stand up and speak out.  Thank you Janalee and the Grinches!!!

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Co-authored and Edited by Daniel Newby

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