The following narratives and videos tell stories about a “Generation of Vipers” from within the corporate LDS (Mormon) Church that have slithered and enticed their evil ways into the lives of millions of moms, dads, and their babies!

Vipers’ Victims Plead for Relief from Abuse
but their leaders whisper
“Shhh … Hush!”

Too traumatic to talk about …
Too terrible to expose …
Too terrified to report.

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Posted at 3:03 PM, Sep 08, 2022 and last updated 9:10 PM, Sep 08, 2022 OREM, Utah — Carl Johnson, 77, was taken into custody in Orem and faces seven counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child. He is currently being held without bail in the Davis County Jail.

Another victim in a different state was 5 when her father told the bishop he was sexually abusing her.  The abuse continued for seven more years, even though Mormon church leaders used a so-called “helpline” to report accusations of her abuse. (AP Video/Jessie Wardarski)  Click on the video below. 

See also… Seven years of sex abuse: How Mormon officials let it happen,” by Michael Rezendes, AP News, August 4, 2022.

See alsoFamilies speak out against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over sex abuse allegations Multiple families are suing the church and several church officials,” by Cho Park, Erin Brady, Juju Chang, and Eamon McNiff.

$250,000,000.00 in Hush Money

Inside the Boy Scouts’
‘Perversion Files’

JAN. 13, 2015 6:38 PM PT

Los Angeles Times reporters spent a year delving into confidential files on suspected sexual abusers — files that had been locked away for decades by the Boy Scouts of America. What follows is a series of groundbreaking stories on the files, along with the most comprehensive database of the cases ever published, including 1,900 files and 3,100 case summaries spanning 1947 through 2005. Explore the database and map: Tracking decades of allegations in the Boy Scouts

Shocked at the video above?  Did you also know that Utah is the Second Most Corrupt State in America?  Utah’s history of notoriously corrupt “pay-to-play” misconduct makes our State known — far and wide — as the Affinity Fraud Capital of America.  Such degeneracy doesn’t exist in a vacuum but is evidence of systemic, sick rot that infests Utah’s foundational culture.

Over the years, The Ole’ Buzzard has presented mountains of donor data and examples reflecting corrupt and degenerate activities surrounding Big Real EstateBig PharmaBig Tobacco, State-Sponsored Child Kidnapping, ad nausea

Utah’s so-called “leaders” are responsible for this mess.  They dance with devils and rationalize their reprehensible conduct as “sharp business practices.”

From Tucker Carlson Today … 
It’s now more important than ever to remain involved in your child’s life. It could be dangerous & life-altering if you aren’t. Christopher F. Rufo explains why.

There’s no excuse for violence.  There’s no excuse for vandalism.
There are reasons!

  • Parents watching their children being abused by other parents and trusted persons.
  • Children who are being abused.
  • Adults who have been abused and are still living with the nightmares and memories.

Hush Money Won’t Dry His Tears

The 316-page report below describes hundreds of cases of sexual abuse that have largely been swept under the carpet.

Read below… “Utah Ritualized Sexual Abuse Investigation:  The Mormon Church And Child Sexual Abuse,” posted by Susan of Headline News, July 17, 2022.

“Child of God”

See the report below also click here to search the location record for
Utah prison child abuser inmate

Parole Date: N/A
Fmr. LDS Bishop

Follow the Profit

First, we wish to honor the brave moms and dads who reported abuse and rejected jabbing the “Clot Shot” into their babies.

Unfortunately, some LDS members blindly and blithely followed deceptive, “prophetic” enticements to jab children and innocent babies with gene-altering toxic poisons (aka “vaccines”) derived from, and tested using, aborted fetal cells.

This amounts to actively propagandizing, promoting, and participating in wholesale abuse.  In this case, it has become ritualized religious abuse.  From LDS Corporation President Russell Nelson’s public Twitter Account:

The following sinister propaganda was regurgitated at, and targeted specifically to, Mormon children in the LDS Corporation’s June 2021 (unfriendly) Children’s Friend magazine:

[Hellfire added to the image above.]

The devastation to those who trusted in the arm of flesh has been horrific.  For example,, which summarizes data from VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System  co-managed by the CDC and FDA), reveals that 1,371,471 COVID-19 “vaccine” “adverse reactions” have been reported.

It is estimated (see the Lazarus Report) that VAERS reports typically account for only 1% of the total “adverse reactions.”

What does that mean?  More than 137 MILLION people could have already suffered adverse reactions to the COVID-19 toxic poisons.

Visit to see, for yourself, videos of victims being murdered and maimed all around us.

Tucker Carlson takes on the
Big Pharma Death Cult

Hundreds of thousands of LDS (Mormon) Church adult members tragically followed the example of LDS President and Prophet Nelson, along with a legion of his fawning sycophants who sold them out for Big Pharma money, and then tried their devilish best to walk Utah’s Children into the Pagan God Moloch’s fires.

The Church’s ~$45Bn in “PROFIT” since the MANDEMIC madness began is documented HERE.  This “PROFIT” will one day be factored into a string of similar, horrific, historical deceptions.

Dr. Mercola Reports…
Jabbed Parents are Surrendering only
2% of their Babies to the “Clot Shot.”

Many Mormon adults who were deceived by their “leaders” have thankfully chosen to wake up and protect their babies from these gene-altering toxic poisons (aka “vaccines”) derived from and tested using aborted fetal cells.

Facts and science have destroyed the criminal mass media cabal’s narrative of MANDEMIC lies and deceptions.  There just isn’t enough LDS (Mormon) leadership Kool-Aid left to further dope and deceive parents into jabbing their little babies.

Watch our condensed version of “Facts Matter” with Dr. Mercola and Roman Balmakov below.

See the original, unedited interview HERE.

We suspect the percentage is higher than reported by Mercola.  Regardless, the Big Pharma Death Cult is experiencing a remarkable rejection of their toxic shots as many parents courageously hold their ground.  See “AAP Analysis of Data Posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of July 20, 2022.”


Strong, healthy, young men and women of the U.S. Military
are falling out of the ranks
from the mandated jab.

Why then is the LDS (Mormon) Church pushing evil MANDAMIC mandates and the jab onto and into our moms, dads, and their babies?  Watch the video below and the data that it exposes. 


Parental Warning:
The following video is NOT suitable for children.


Geopolitics and Pedocriminality
Perhaps the single most comprehensive, credible  “BiblioIndex,” Video, and Narrative report available.


Fair Warning

Government employees, contractors, and all others should be mindful that intimidating, interfering with, and/or engaging in any way to discourage the right of a citizen to report shameful, inappropriate, fraudulent, or unlawful conduct is a crime.  Utilizing office email, or any other means of communication, to further such interference is also criminal conduct strictly prohibited because it aids and abets original, unlawful acts.  Supervisors and Division Heads may be particularly tempted to interfere and are therefore vulnerable and culpable if they do.  The Ole’ Buzzard and Team will duly report any and all unlawful conduct.


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