The Ole’ Buzzard did!  He blew the whistle to IRS Criminal Investigators and it’s now blowing  at ya’ll.  It’s blowing about those who, with artifice, design, and scheme to conceal, have subverted the rule of law and good governance in Utah.

On October 30, 2019, he filed IRS form 211 whistleblower complaints.  In essence, he alleged a scheme to conceal and obfuscate the illegitimate use of campaign donation monies, naming Utah Attorney General Reyes and Legislators Adams, Bramble, Davis, Dunnigan, Gibson, Vickers and Wilson.

IRS Whistleblower complaints and supporting documents can be found  …


There will be more in the near future.

The following are now put on official notice of these filings and the information they contain:

    • Utah Attorney General Reyes through his Public Information Officer Richard Piatt at (1)
    • All Utah State Legislators (100+/-)
    • All County Attorneys in The State of Utah (29)
    • Utah State Auditors and Tax Officials (18)
    • Media (109)
    • Partisan political party leaders and grass roots activists (139)
    • Executive Branch Ethics Commission Members (5)
    • Legislative Ethics Commission Members (6)
    • Ethics Committee Utah State Senate Members (9)
    • Ethics Committee Utah House of Representatives Members (8)
    • Utah Law Enforcement Legislative Committee (10)
    • And hundreds of other folks ………………………

We challenge …

    • We challenge Utah Attorney General’s Public Information Officer Richard Piat to inform Reyes and his senior staff of this action.
    • We challenge all Utah State Legislators to clean up their acts in a hurry.  It may be the only way to beat the tax man to the courthouse doors.  We recommend paying Blood Money forward to Widows and families of our military killed in action, Widows and families of our deceased First Responders killed in the line of duty, and other Protectors and Caregivers who engaged in worthy causes that left them and their families physically, emotionally, and materially bankrupt and destitute.Legislators should also enact a bill that levies a tax on their campaign finance funds … to equal or exceed the onerous tax they now contemplate on food in Utah as reported here.  And stop double taxing the old folks’ Social Security and similar retirement income.
    • We challengeUnfit Mitt” Romney (aka “Pierre Delecto” aka LDS Stake President & Bishop)  …

      whose Big Pharma “take” was $676,509.00 and whose Big Tobacco “take” was $94,540.00.  We challenge all to ponder the 480,000 Big Tobacco Deaths every year and approximately 702,000 Big Pharma Opioid Deaths from 1999-2017 in America … and then we wonder what “Unfit Mitt” told his LDS followers about being on the take?  We challenge “Unfit Mitt” to follow the example of Utah Legislators and donate back to deserving individuals.

    • We challenge Utah’s 29 County Attorneys …

      to read and contemplate the whistleblower complaints and supporting documents that are readily accessible here.  Consider pursuing civil and/or criminal litigation against Utah’s office holders who subvert the rule of law and good governance by artifice, design and scheme to conceal and obfuscate the illegitimate use of campaign donation monies.  In particular, consider the force of law intended by, and embodied in, 59-10-541.  Violations — Civil and criminal penalties.

    • We challenge Utah State Auditors …

      to audit and report schemes to conceal and obfuscate the illegitimate use of campaign donation monies.  To begin …  performance audits must be conducted of the Elections Office of Utah’s “Loosey Goosey” Lt. Governor, and the office of Utah’s Attorney General, Sean “Rap’n Rambo” Reyes. The “Loosey Goosey” documentation of  Legislators’ expenses is an arrogant, perverse insult against the People of Utah.  Their expense reports are loosely self-generated, containing mostly meaningless slap hazard entries without backup books, records, receipts, invoices or monthly statements to verify what was spent.  The data were not entered with enough detail to create any kind of a credible audit trail.

    • We challenge Utah State Tax Officials …

to investigate, ferret out, report and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law (in particular 59-10-541) all matters pertaining to the unreported personal income of the herein named Utah Office Holders.  And to pursue and prosecute false and misleading information that may have facilitated such.

We further allege that The Lt. Governor of the State of Utah, Spencer Cox, is complicit in the above alleged conduct.  By virtue of an artifice, design and scheme to conceal, he has purposefully obscured, obfuscated and bungled the proper and necessary due diligence customarily and professionally afforded records of expenditure.  This due diligence should have been demanded of Office Holders and their records in order to create a reliable audit trail.  Instead, documentation of their expenses constitutes a bad joke.

Legislator expense reports are self-generated without backup books, records, receipts, invoices or monthly statements available as intended for public inspection in order to verify if what was spent was legitimate and in conformance with the law.  Reflecting on the records recovered from the Lt. Governor’s office, there are numerous indications of intent to avoid paying tax on unreported personal income.  The artifice, designs, and schemes to conceal and avoid are sophomoric, and replete with repetitious, questionable entries.

    • We challenge Utah’s sad and aging media owners, editors and reporters …

      to wake up, put your teeth back in and start using them.  If you’ve any angst at all about being scooped by this 82-year-old Buzzard, “wanna’ be” reporter, and cranky ole’ Grandpa of 24+/- grandkids, please move past it.  No offense intended.  Let’s work together to leave our grandkids a better Utah.  Take the ball and run with it.  Get sassy and angry, pushy and loud.  Rejuvenate your profession into a healthy, robust and independent media … one not dependent on the few scraps Utah’s Old Goodfellas deign to throw at you.  Give us all your superior skills and ability.

    • We challenge all partisan political party leaders and grass roots workers …

      to rise up and demand accountability from those who claim to represent you.  Forward our blog postings far-and-wide and tell people what you think of them.  You won’t be alone, and your voice and support is needed.

    • We challenge Executive Branch Ethics Commission Members …

      Justin Atwater (Executive Director), Lorie Fowlke (Chair), Lisa Michele Church (Vice Chair), Pastor Corey Hodges and Gary Doxey, to start doing something, even if Gov. Gary “Available Jones” Herbert throws a childish tantrum.

    • We challenge Legislative Ethics Commission Members …

      Kim Bouck (Executive Director), Karen Morgan, Judge Hans Chamberlain, David Clark, Judge Michael Lyon and Judge Gordon Low, to start acting as though you were actually independent.

    • We challenge Ethics Committee Utah State Senate Members …

      Peter Knudson (Chair), Gene Davis (Vice Chair, believe it or not),  Luz Escamilla, Allen Christensen, Jani Iwamoto, Deidre Henderson, Karen Mayne, and Jerry Stevenson, to hold public hearings, even if Senate Kommissar Stuart Adams throws a childish tantrum.

    • We challenge Ethics Committee Utah House of Representatives Members  …

      Douglas Sagers (Chair), Patrice Arent (Vice Chair), Marie Poulson, Jim Dunnigan, Angela Romero, Keith Grover, Mark Wheatley and Michael Noel, to hold public hearings, even if the House Kommissar Brad Wilson throws a childish tantrum.

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BONUS SECTION!  Below are several red flag examples for those ready to dig deeper … 

    • State Senator Gene “Caddyshack” Davis …

      reigns supreme as the Diva and Demagogue of Utah’s greens.  This “advocate for the poor” took a whopping big “chunk” (divot) $40,055.74 outta’ his blood money “take” to recreate and luxuriate on the elitist playgrounds of Utah’s golf fairways. Who’s gonna’ plug the turf (divots) back into the holes he’s left in his credibility? Plagued by hosts of Divots, yet always replete with ample Mulligans (Goodfella gift shots) along the way, Gene “Caddyshack” Davis has kept his game going in Utah round after round after round.

    • Attorney General Sean Rap’n Rambo Reyes …

      leads the top takers pack.  Of the $2,903,997.69 that our Loosey Goosey Lt. Governor says Reyes spent, $1,035,463.13 or 36% went to corporations controlled by Reyes’ Campaign Spokesman, Senior Advisor, and Penny Stock Pusher Alan Crooks.  Talk about letting the fox take command and control of the hen house. 

Furthermore, the Reyes anomaly that follows and transactions on December 31st have all of us scratching our heads wondering if it isn’t an end-of-year tax scam?  “Diamonds by Donna?” Sheesh!  Even though all of the “ins and outs” may be remotely legitimate, they reek with sleaze!  We’d begin digging at “Diamonds by Donna” and all others highlighted in red that are found in the PDF below.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Reyes 12.31.2011 (1)”]

Among a host of other compelling reasons to dig deeper into Reyes expenditures, an astute and determined junk yard dog investigator would be captivated by the fact that all of the foregoing transactions took place at the end of the calendar year for taxes.

Gov. Gary “Available Jones” Herbert, with a clothespin on his nose, eyes crossed and mind completely uncoupled, must have been in the middle of a midlife morality vacuum when he grabbed Reyes to “sub in” for the AG’s job and its disgraced predecessors.  Reyes is a carpetbagger from outta the Los Angeles “hood” he so proudly claims as heritage and is a “twinner” for Shurtleff and Swallow … a doppelganger who knows how to “pay to play” better than his predecessors.

    • State Senator Curt “Junket Junkie, Ramblin'” Bramble’s …  excessive travel and outlandish Blood Money Take of $119,450.00.  His $273,570.00 in travel expenses were 34% of his total “take.” According to Bramble’s expense reports, this money was spent on travel to Iraq, Jordan, Germany, Israel, Scotland, China, UAE, Vietnam and Singapore.  Could anyone other than another Utah Goodfella be persuaded to believe that all this travel is duty-related and necessary to Bramble’s performance as a teeny-weenie, itty-bitty, podunk Utah politician?  Bramble would no doubt escort his Utah Goodfella buddy all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge to sell the concept.

    • Always Stop’n … Restaurant Hop’n … “Super Size Me” Ray …

      Utah’s “Representative of Epic Portions” is yet to be named in an IRS 211 complaint.  However, we disclosed 32 pages of Ray’s ecstasy as he gorged on and munched through a copious selection of $26,514.85 worth of “chow” and made about 838 stops for it.  The posting found here details when, how much and where Ray spent his on food.

As a teaser, let’s also summarize Ray’s office expenses.   He made 467 purchases in the amount of $38,185.26.  Ray’s office must outclass, outweigh and outperform any other office on Utah’s Capitol Hill!  How does he jam all of those “supplies” into his wheelin’ and dealin’ workspace?

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Edited by Daniel Newby

     “The Ole’ Buzzard”

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