Mention “Utah Attorney Generals,” and everybody here laughs!  We’ve witnessed 3 shameless “pay-to-players” in the last 6 years.

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But outside of Utah, outfits like the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) pay large sums to enable current AG Sean “Rappin’ Rambo” Reyes to play hard

1/24/2014: $100,000.00 [from] Republican Attorneys Generals Association
10/7/2014: $50,000.00 [from] Republican Attorneys General Utah PAC
8/6/2015: $100,000.00 [from] Republican Attorneys Generals Association
12/28/2015: $50,000.00 [from] Republican Attorneys General Association

7/26/2016: $85,000.00 [from] Attorneys General Association

Reyes has even wormed his way onto RAGA’s Executive Committee Can they be that naive and clueless?  These RAGA-muffins are endorsing and financing an embarrassingly-obvious scammer. 

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According to Reyes’ glowing RAGA profile:

“… Honorable Sean D. Reyes … Today, eradicating human trafficking in Utah and nationwide remains a priority for the Reyes administration along with other important policy initiatives including opioid epidemic which led to his co-founding of Utah’s Opioid Task Force ….”

They apparently haven’t seen the Reyes’ who raps, revels, and rolls in hypocrisy at the top of Utah’s Takers.  Specifically, the Big Pharma “Opioid Epidemic” largesse that oozes from Reyes’ deep pockets.

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So… We’re sending this post to the RAGA-muffins to see if they are content to aid and abet Reyes’ two-faced profiteering.  We want them to consider carefully the PR nightmare he is creating for their organization.  We’re also sharing this with their Democrat AG (DAGA) peers around the nation.

They should ponder a little harder on the 480,000 Big Tobacco Deaths every year and approximately 702,000 Big Pharma Opioid Deaths from 1999-2017 in America.  Calculate the cost of pretending to oppose these malevolent industries in public while allowing a member of their “Executive Committee” to stuff his coffers full of dirty money.

We’ve identified lots of choice corruption for Utah’s tongue-wagging, Pimp Mobile Drive’n, Rap’n Rambo, Bling’n Bishop, AG Reyes.


And don’t forget the $2,903,997.69 that our Loosey Goosey Lt. Governor Spencer Cox says Reyes spent.  Especially the $1,035,463.13, or 36%, that went to corporations controlled by Reyes’ Campaign Spokesman, Senior Advisor, and Penny Stock Pusher Alan Crooks.  Talk about letting the fox take command and control of the hen house.

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Furthermore, the Reyes anomaly that follows and the individual transactions on December 31st have all of us scratching our heads wondering if it isn’t an end-of-year tax scam?  “Diamonds by Donna?” Sheesh!  It reeks of sleaze.  We’d begin digging there and around others identified in the PDF below.



Among a host of other compelling reasons to dig, dig, dig, an astute, junk-yard-dog investigator would be energized by the fact that any transactions in these amounts — with their unique configurations taking place at the end of the calendar year for taxes — are… questionable. What really went down on December 31st?

Federal and State funds flow more freely if hyped around hot, high profile, criminal justice issues. 

Reyes has slickly propelled himself to State and National prominence by riding the tsunami of hysteria, publicity  and tragedy surrounding Human Trafficking.   In his case, “An ounce of publicity was worth far more than a pound of performance.”

[Image borrowed from UT Gun Rights.]

Here’s the real story …  Lynn Kenneth Packer, former KSL reporter fired for exposing Utah’s Goodfellas, revealed how Reyes has used the child trafficking issue to advance his political ambitions via shameless, grand-standing PR stunts and failure to investigate the highly-questionable activities of at least one private entity he promoted, and was involved with.


Consider also that, in 2017, there were 34 human trafficking cases reported in Utah.  Compare that impact to the 650 drug overdose deaths in Utah that year and the 1,300 adult Utahans who die annually from smoking related illnesses.

What has Reyes done about it?  He’s set up a diversionary “Opioid Task Force,” while personally profiteering via Big Pharma’s ($152,750.00) blood money and  Big Tobacco ($21,500.00).

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For more “peeks” at the top Utah “Funny Money” takers, click on each of the following names to “deep dive” into some amazing financial information.  Play around in the database to “plumb” out who really owns Utah’s elected officials and what really controls their conduct.  We encourage our readers, for the sake of cross-checking our numbers, to do as we have done and find the blood money “takers.”  Our thanks go to

Federal Elected Officials: Sen. Mitt Romney $549,232,258 Sen. Orrin Hatch $10,532,376 Sen. Mike Lee $7,872,219  Rep. Rob Bishop $3,382,468 … Rep. Ben McAdams $3,376,890 … Rep. Chris Stewart $3,113,588Rep. John Curtis $1,574,807

State Elected Officials: Gov. Gary Herbert $9,937,789  AG Sean Reyes $3,237,625 … Rep. Jim Dunnigan $1,105,117… Sen. Curt Bramble $1,085,128 … Sen. Gene Davis $853,307… Sen. Stuart Adams $721,542 … Rep. Brad Wilson $613,139 … Rep. Francis Gibson $473,625 … Sen. Evan Vickers $464,050 … Sen. John Knotwell $388,813Sen. Ralph Okerlund $364,419Sen. Jerry Stevenson $345,874 …  Rep. Paul Ray $234,179  Et. al

We’re convinced the foregoing is but a drop in the bucket.  If all the details and sums were known and reported truthfully by office holders, the People would be furious.  Limited to the information we have at our disposal, we’ll identify all suspect “unreported personal income” and other anomalies.  We’ll post to The Ole’ Buzzard’s Blog and report to the proper authorities.  Stay tuned.  It can only get more interesting. 

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