Always Stop’n … Restaurant Hop’n …

… “Super Size Me” Ray 

Utah State Representative Paul Ray

Scroll through (“Burp!”) 32 pages to share “Super Size Me” Ray’s ecstasy as he gorges on and munches through a copious selection of $26,514.85 worth of “chow” and about 838 stops for it.  The following PDF details when, how much and where Ray spent his on food.

RayFood 2 (1)

For those who missed the informative “Super Size Me” documentary movie, it can be viewed here.  Ironically, Ray frequented McDonalds as well (see pp 17-19 above).

Were it not for Ray’s $40,650.00 Big Pharma “take,” he might have starved to death.  That’s a ton of fast food booty for a lite weight … er’ ah’ …  heavyweight legislator who has tried to tip all the scales to his advantage.

While Ray’s appetite was demanding, tens-of-thousands of Americans died overdosing on Opioids.  Ponder the approximately 702,000 Big Pharma’s Opioid Deaths from 1999-2017 in America.  Then tell us how to feel about Ray’s binge eating on Big Pharma money.

We say it’s …

One by one we’ll be talking about where Utah’s other Goodfellas spend their blood money.


We have it from more than one authority that Ray, who “like[s] to mix it up,” also imagines himself an intimidating tough guy after the fashion of Curt “Ramblin'” Bramble, Sean “Rappin’ Rambo” Reyes, Greg “Bully Boy” Hughes, and “Unfit Mitt” Romney.  Large quantities of saturated fat, corn syrup, and mystery cheese are known to increase anxiety and aggression. 

Satire aside though, real tough guys don’t squander their vote and voice by selling out.  For example, Ray talked tough on the dangers of Fentanyl, and then gave citizens the middle finger by voting to prevent patient access to natural alternatives via a fraudulent “compromise” bill that was crafted in secrecy to benefit Utah’s Goodfellas.  Ray has blown numerous opportunities to stand up against the corrupt Big Pharma interests that stuffed his greasy pockets.

Ray and his ilk should walk the crosses of America’s graveyards.  Manliness and masculinity involve fighting to oppose the perverse and destructive agenda of the “takers.”  Only when the “takers” are held accountable can their many victims receive meaningful justice. And only then will Utah’s politicians have anything legitimate to brag about.

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