Utah’s New STD Outbreak
is Terrifying Our Goodfella Politicians and Lecherous Lobbyists

Watch out!  There’s a new STD in town.  It’s an STD that’s scaring the pants off Utah Goodfella Legislators and Lobbyists.

Amazingly, most of Utah’s diverse citizen activists seem ecstatic over the prospects of helping this STD infect the entire State of Utah.

This STD requires no antibiotics or abstinence.  In fact, the more this STD spreads the healthier Utah politics can become.  We introduce it here with all the love, admiration and affection that can be mustered.

It’s called a Special Tax District (STD) levy on all political contributions made to Utah officials.  This STD tax rate is the same 4.85% rate on our food approved by the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force on October 22nd.

Below is that task force in all their glory!  Stop! … Think about “Utah’s Totalitarian Troika” before you expect them to magically produce any kind of logical, equitable or reasonable result.

Hey, if a 4.85% tax is gonna’ be levied on the “sheep,” then a 4.85% tax should be dropped onto the “noble shepherds.”

If our recommended STD levy is implemented correctly, according to our calculations the following Top Utah State “takers” would owe back taxes on their total campaign contributions in the amounts indicated:

Office_Holder Total Take Tax 4.85% owed
REYES, SEAN D $3,237,625 $157,025
DUNNIGAN, JIM $1,105,117 $53,598
BRAMBLE, CURT $1,085,128 $52,629
MAYNE, KAREN $953,334 $46,237
DAVIS, GENE $853,307 $41,385
ARENT, PATRICE $729,023 $35,357
ADAMS, J STUART $721,542 $34,994
WILSON, BRAD R $613,139 $29,737
ESCAMILLA, LUZ ROBLES $477,405 $23,154
GIBSON, FRANCIS D $473,625 $22,970
VICKERS, EVAN J $464,050 $22,506
MOSS, CAROL SPACKMAN $430,654 $20,887
MILLNER, ANN $391,295 $18,978
KNOTWELL, JOHN $388,813 $18,857
LAST, BRAD $374,398 $18,158
OKERLUND, RALPH $364,419 $17,674
HINKINS, DAVID $361,108 $17,514
STEVENSON, JERRY W $345,874 $16,775

Governor Herbert and Federal Office Holders:

Herbert, Gary Gov. $9,937,789 $455,151
Hatch, Orrin Senator $10,532,376 $510,820
Lee, Mike Senator $7,872,219 $381,802
Romney, Mitt $549,232,258 $26,637,765
Bishop, Robb $3,382,468 $164,050
Stewart, Chris $3,113,588 $151,009
Curtis, John $1,574,807 $76,378
McAdams, Ben $3,376,890 $163,779

Think how much better Curt “Junket Junkie Rambl’n” Bramble, Sean “Rambo” Reyes and the rest of the Top10Takers would feel giving back some of the loot they unethically pillaged.  See below.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/zzzzzzz-Master-Topper-AllYearsAllSourcesAllOfficeHoldersFTM.csv.pdf” title=”zzzzzzz Master Topper – AllYearsAllSourcesAllOfficeHoldersFTM.csv”]

The entries in our tax owing chart are simple.  Summarized on lines 130 and 132, we have potential revenue from taxing campaign finances at the proposed State rate.  Yes … there is some disparity between the sum of column #4 $29,706,608 and column #3 $29,733,440.  But it’s close enough for government work, and definitely close enough for Utah’s “Loosey Goosey” Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox.

There’s lots of untaxed “moolah” that Utah’s Goodfellas  have been luxuriating in and cavorting with that should be grabbed and taxed away for the greater good.  We’ll be exposing their “luxuriating and cavorting” as we work our way through the TopTakers’ list in future postings.

Did you notice that “Unfit Mitt” Romney’s (aka “Pierre Delecto’s“) huge take skewed the charts?”  We further propose to double the tax for the carpetbaggers and double it again for any politician who collects more than $500,000.

Utah Goodfellas … find your individual tax bill to the right of your name below.  And don’t whine.  It’s only equitable …

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/All-office-holders-in-Utah2.pdf” title=”All office holders in Utah2″]

Oh, and if the Tax Man ever wakes up and sneaks a peek, we wonder how much unreported personal income he’ll find in all of this “taking”?  We see red flags flying wildly!

Insightful Citizen Comments at the Task Force Meeting

We would be amiss by failing to mention some of the thought-provoking citizen comments shared at the October 22nd Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force hearing.

To hear the task force audio record, click here and scroll down to “1. Task Force Business“.  All citizen comments begin at 2:57:29.

Here are our notable picks:

      • One “plan” presenter was so bold as to suggest that taxpayers were “a reservoir of funds.”  Hmmm … kinda’ like we’re a bunch of plant’n and pick’n plantation peons?  The harder we work, the more Boss Hogg and our tax Massas make!
      • One commenter suggested that the committee should, “Keep your minds on the Boston Tea Party.”
      • One individual suggested that people who have investment income don’t need their social security income and can afford to pay state income tax on it. (paraphrased) Yup.  There are those who wish to decide what you and I “need” or “don’t need” to rationalize why we should be forced to pay taxes twice on money we earned.  In fact, no suggestion or plan was proposed to provide relief from the proposed tax increase on Social Security earnings.

        [pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/States-That-Tax-Social-Security-2019.pdf” title=”States That Tax Social Security 2019″]

      • Dr. Ron Mortensen, another commenter, brilliantly originated the idea of imposing a sales tax on campaign contributions. Mortensen publishes knowledgeably and frequently at “Citizens for Tax Fairness.”  The tenor and tone of this posting is focused on his idea.

In typical Despicable News (aka “Deseret News“) fashion, the reporter went limp when it came time to report the juiciest comments by Mortensen and others.  Mortensen not only schooled the “task force” on taxing campaign finance money and tax equity, but also commented on instituting online gambling and a lottery.   Listen to his comments below.

Mortensen makes good points …  Instead of stealing more money from the people, why not indulge in a little bit of sinning — up front and out in the open for a change?  Salt Lake City has long been America’s “Affinity Fraud” Mecca and Stock Fraud Capitol … Why not allow the little people a chance at some huge jackpots, too?

Let’s face it … Utah has heavily invested in sin and vice since a gaggle of Brigham’s Grand Boys blew down off the mountain and bought up a bunch of Las Vegas.  Gambling at Las Vegas (aka “Lost Wages”) resorts run by our revered Utah “Brethren” (see “Lying for the Lord” and “Don’t Touch the Dice“) is no different than playing slots right here.

So why not spare Utahans of all stripes and inclinations the expense of sneaking off to Vegas or Wendover to gamble and cavort?

As we reported previously (here and here), Utah’s leaders, some of them LDS Bishops and Stake Presidents, are awash in .

For example, from “Walk the Crosses” and FollowTheMoney.org, we learned that “Unfit Mitt” Romney’s Big Pharma “take” was $676,509.00 and his Big Tobacco “take” was $94,540.00.  Ponder the 480,000 Big Tobacco Deaths every year and approximately 702,000 Big Pharma Opioid Deaths from 1999-2017 in America.

Utah’s interests and conduct are already systemically conflicted, corrupted and compromised.  Why the hell shouldn’t we gamble our way into improved infrastructure?

Remember, the Mother’s Milk of Utah Goodfella Politics is …

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Edited by Daniel Newby

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