To Utah’s Media … Cowardly, Compromised, Conflicted and Corrupted.

For the most part, we exempt the Salt Lake Tribune from the following broadside

But … with absolute certainty, we point directly to the Deseret News and its pusillanimous pup as the dregs of a decrepit, deceitful, derelict Utah media. 

The “News” and “Pup” have been mesmerized, hypnotized and snared by the sweet sirens and sylphs of Utah’s affinity gamers who lure the media into incestuous political, social and religious relationships with an elite gaggle of established Utah Goodfellas.

We complain as follows. 

The Utah Media are “Cowardly” for failing to find, failing to camp on  and then failing to follow up and repeat stories like those below.  They’re “Conflictedfor failing to realize their own impotence and incompetence and do nothing about it.  The “Jig is Up!” They’re busted for not pursuing adequately and aggressively the 4th Estate’s investment in the rule of law and good governance … investment which is clearly within the 4th Estate’s domain to act as a Watchdog. 

Please note that we fault not the many, fine Utah reporters.   They would have still been camping on the Goodfellas’ trails except for the editors and owners of wasted rags like the DN who timidly stand in the way of effective investigative journalism.

The Cowardly Utah Media were absent when Big Tobacco made payments to 51 of Utah’s Legislators who were “on the take.” By not identifying the perps individually, the media were absent. See the story here.

Special interests gave Utah Lawmakers $9 of every $10 in campaign funds they raised.  (A fine one shot story.)

According to Follow the,” here are Utah Legislators who were “on the take” from Big Tobacco … 51 of them.  We are aware that there is at least one LDS Bishop in the bunch.  The Utah Media were too timid to name and shame them and we’ve yet to see even one mentioned publicly. 

“Tobacco” … nasty stuff … see how nasty here.

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The Cowardly Utah Media were absent when Energy Solutions made Payments to Utah Goodfellas as the media failed once more to name and shame the perps individually.

Can’t help but notice that Utah Attorney General … “Rapper” Sean Reyes … leads the pack of Goodfellas “on the take” to the tune of $47,500.00 from Energy Solutions.  The Utah Legislature freed up the opportunity for other States to transport their hazardous, radioactive waste to Utah to be dumped here.  Wow!  Here’s a story that’s still ripe and plump for the picking.  Will we ever see the Reyes’ piece in the Utah Media again?  It’s doubtful that we will.

With the two courageous exceptions of Iwamoto and Kitchen …  the Cowardly Utah Media were absent when Energy Solutions paid off the following individuals on the Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee. This committee pushed and passed the justifiably contested Radioactive Waste bill HB0220S03 on Feb 6?   Why didn’t the Utah Media name and shame them like we have?

“Hot radioactive waste … nasty stuff!”

Before anyone gets giggly and giddy over the propaganda promoted by Energy Solutions and Utah’s Goodfellas, see a comprehensive discussion of Nuclear Waste at the Wiki article here!   While at it, why not visit the Ole’ Buzzard’s story here “Opioid Orrin Hatch … Utah Officials…Energy Solutions…Nuclear Waste … Pollute Poison.”

Stockton, Utah chemist Matt McCarty said, “We’re talking about a hazard that’s going to exist for a million years.  Depleted uranium is a very complex issue because it immediately starts to decay into radon, radium, polonium, thorium, thallium, and a host of other radioactive elements. Therefore, handling depleted uranium waste is difficult because it’s a mixture of radioactive elements each with its own radioactivity and toxicity.”

The cowardly Utah Media were absent when Energy Solutions paid off the following 80 Goodfellas before the Radioactive Waste bill was passed. Why didn’t the Utah Media name them and shame them? 

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The Cowardly Utah Media were absent when Governor Herbert whimpered to the Legislature that he had, “… reservations about how this legislation came forward” yet he failed to “Man Up!” and veto it.  He couldn’t because he’s compromised all ’round himself.  

Herbert, having previously “grifted” Energy Solutions a whole heap of cash to the tune of $1.7M, couldn’t bring himself to veto the bill because he also has shamefully taken a lot of money from special interests.  (Another excellent “one shot” story.)

Herbert’s patronage of Energy Solutions can be rewarded through “back doors” ​beyond public scrutiny.  From “Vote Smart” we find “Energy & Natural Resources​ contributions to Herbert of ​$172,500.00​” and $821,713.74​ that are “Uncoded.” 

The cowardly media were asleep when Senator Orrin Hatch introduced his Obscene Monument to Himself … because we knew the “fix” would be in to tap the taxpayers for “the tab.”

We believe that anyone who authorizes the use of $2MM in taxpayer resources to fund Orrin Hatch’s obscene monument to himself should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a Rail!  

The Cowardly Utah Media were absent when it came time to compare The Hatch Center Obscenity with his seamy record as Senator “Opioid” Orrin Hatch ripe for shaming.

    1. The Medal of Freedom for Hatch the Great Ingratiator?
    2. Mr. President … Senator Orrin G. Hatch and his confidant Robert Mueller are NOT your friends!
    3. Senator Orrin Grant Hatch and Robert Swan Mueller III have been hooked at the hip since the 1990s.
    4. Excerpting from “Lawmaker’s Defense of BCCI Went Beyond Speech in Senate,” Hatch’s speech in defense of BCCI was written by the bank’s officer Robert Altman.
    5. After Hatch was caught with his knickers down for attempting to solicit a $10 million bribe from BCCI, he worked overtime to alibi out of it.  One such attempt can be seen in the video found here 
    6. Wherever there’s a buck to be made … you’ll find Hatch pimping it!  Even at a Xango rally.
    7. Hatch tried to schmooze $2MM out of Utah’s taxpayer pockets to construct an obscene monument to himself.   “Construct” … we say adding insult to injury … right across the street from Utah’s revered Monson Center. 
    8. Senator Orrin Hatch’s Time Line
    9. George Pyle: For another $2 million, will Hatch stay bought?
    10. Tribune editorial: Hypocritical Hatch can’t be gone soon enough.
    11. Opinion | The Sad Trajectory of Orrin Hatch – The New York Times.
    12. Top Republican Orrin Hatch tweets that he’s ‘grateful’ for editorial that said he had an ‘unquenchable thirst for power. ‘
    13. In blistering Editorial, ‘Salt Lake Tribune’ Calls For Sen. Orrin Hatch To Step Down.
    14. A federal law mandating lobbying transparency is rarely enforced
    15. Three Giant Lies Sen. Orrin Hatch Just Told About Sports Betting
    16. Etc, Etc, Etc ……………………….

Wake up Utah Media!  Connect the dots from the past to the present. Project your methods and messages into something meaningful.  Be prepared to “pounce” and keep on pouncing until the 4th Estate in Utah begins to reassert itself as viable.

Right now … in Utah … the Media are looking Cowardly, Compromised, Conflicted, Corrupted, Toothless …

… and Scared!

“The Ole’ Buzzard”
“There are a thousand hacking
 at the branches of evil to one 
who is striking at the root.”
H.D. Thoreau
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